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Guerilla Advertising

14 Dec 2022

Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising is a type of unconventional, low-cost marketing that relies on creative tactics to draw attention and generate interest in a product or service. It is typically used to supplement traditional marketing methods such as television and radio ads, print media, billboards, etc. The goal is to reach potential customers in an unexpected and memorable way.


Common examples of guerilla advertising include street art, flash mob performances, interactive installations in public spaces, pop-up events, and more. These unexpected tactics are often used to spark conversations among potential customers and increase brand awareness. Guerilla advertising takes advantage of the element of surprise and can be highly effective at getting people’s attention.


With guerilla advertising, it is important to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to promote a product or service. The idea is to stand out from the competition by being unique, engaging, and eye-catching. Many companies have capitalized on this type of marketing by taking advantage of viral trends or coming up with clever ideas that capture the attention of their target audience.


One popular form of guerilla advertising is “ambush marketing” - where companies take advantage of popular events such as sports games or concerts to promote their products or services without actually sponsoring the event itself. This type of advertising can be extremely cost-effective and can reach a large number of potential customers in one go.


Guerilla advertising also makes use of social media campaigns such as hashtag contests or influencer marketing. This can be an effective way for companies to engage with their target audience online and create buzz around their product or service. It’s important to think strategically when planning a social media campaign in order to ensure that it reaches the right people and has maximum impact.


Overall, guerilla advertising is an effective way for companies to reach potential customers in an unexpected way and get them interested in their product or service. By leveraging creative tactics such as street art, ambush marketing, influencer campaigns, etc., companies can stand out from the competition and make an impact on their target audience.


Types of Guerilla Advertising

  1. Street Art: Using art as a medium to create public displays that attract attention and pass on a message. This type of guerilla advertising often involves the creation of graffiti, murals, and other forms of public art.


  1. Flash Mob Performances: Surprising passersby with a sudden and unexpected performance that promotes a brand or product. This type of advertising usually involves large groups of people who are coordinated to create a spectacle that leaves an impression.


  1. Interactive Installations in Public Spaces: Creating installations in public spaces that offer interactive experiences to engage people with a brand's product or message. Examples include creating a life-sized version of a product, or setting up an interactive game that people can play in order to learn more about the product or brand.


  1. Pop-up Events: Setting up brief events in unexpected locations, such as flash sales in busy areas or product demonstrations at outdoor markets, to draw attention to the brand and create buzz around its products or services.


  1. Experiential Advertising: Engaging customers directly through an immersive experience that creates an emotional connection with the brand and its message. This type of guerilla advertising often involves providing customers with an interactive experience, such as free samples, workshops, or demonstrations of the product or service being promoted.


  1. Social Media Takeovers: Utilizing the power of social media to create buzz and reach potential customers by taking over a brand's page or creating digital campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Ambush Marketing: Gaining attention and exposure by strategically leveraging events and associations to promote a product or service without paying for traditional advertising. This type of guerilla advertising can include sponsoring an event's attendees or wearing the brand's logo during the event.


  1. Guerilla Video: Creating videos that are shared online with the goal of going viral and reaching large audiences without investing in expensive production or promotion costs. This type of advertising often relies on humor, creativity, or shock value in order to be effective.


Characteristics Of Guerilla Advertising

  1. Unpredictable: Guerilla advertising campaigns often employ unexpected tactics to draw attention.

  1. Low Cost: Unlike traditional advertising methods, guerilla advertising can require minimal financial investment.

  1. Creative: Guerilla marketing relies heavily on creative thinking and ideas to capture the public’s attention.

  1. Targeted: Guerilla campaigns are typically tailored to specific audiences in order to maximize impact.

  1. High Impact: Through the use of unexpected and eye-catching tactics, guerilla advertising often creates a lasting impression on potential customers.

  1. Flexible: Guerilla marketing can be applied to almost any kind of business or product, allowing for infinite possibilities of execution.

  1. Measurable: Guerilla advertising campaigns provide an opportunity to measure results in real-time, allowing for more effective tracking of success.

  1. Versatile: Guerilla advertising can be implemented in a variety of ways, including online and offline channels.

  1. Proactive: This type of marketing encourages customers to take part in the campaign and make their own decisions about the product or service.

  1. Shareable: Guerilla advertising campaigns often leverage social media platforms to spread their message quickly, resulting in increased brand awareness.

  1. Engaging: Guerilla advertising campaigns are designed to engage customers with an interactive experience, making them more likely to remember the brand.

  1. Memorable: Through its unconventional tactics, guerilla advertising is often more memorable than traditional marketing tactics.

  1. Personal: This type of advertising connects with customers on a more personal level, which can help to create a strong and lasting relationship between the brand and its audience.

  1. Experiential: Guerilla campaigns often create an immersive experience for consumers that can't be found in other forms of marketing.

  1. Fun: Guerilla campaigns often feature entertaining elements that add an element of fun to the overall experience.


For Which Sectors is the Guerilla Advertising the Best? Which Companies Advertise on This Category the Most?

Guerilla advertising is often best suited to companies in the entertainment, youth-oriented, or tech sectors. Companies that have a younger and more tech-savvy customer base are particularly well-suited to guerilla marketing campaigns as they often have more knowledge and appreciation of the methods used. For example, companies such as Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Adidas have all employed guerilla advertising tactics in the past.


These types of campaigns are also common among clothing companies, beverage manufacturers, and fast food chains. Many of these businesses use guerilla marketing techniques to engage with their customers in a more personal way and to drive sales by creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity around their products. Popular brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Starbucks have all used guerilla marketing tactics to promote their products.


Guerilla marketing is also popular amongst sports teams and media companies as it allows them to reach fans in unique ways that traditional advertising can't. Major League Baseball teams such as the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox have created interactive installations in public spaces such as parks or malls that allow fans to interact with their favorite players and teams. Similarly, media companies such as HBO have used guerilla advertising campaigns to create excitement around new shows or movies by creating unexpected events or installations in public places.


Finally, guerilla advertising is also popular amongst small businesses or local entrepreneurs who don't necessarily have the budget for traditional forms of advertising. By utilizing low-cost materials and creative tactics they are able to stand out from the crowd and reach potential customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. From mom-and-pop restaurants to start-ups looking for investment, many businesses have seen success from creative guerilla marketing initiatives.


The Most Prominent Agencies And Companies for Guerilla Advertising

United States:

  1. DDB Worldwide

  1. TBWA Worldwide

  1. Leo Burnett Worldwide

  1. BBDO Worldwide

  1. Saatchi & Saatchi

  1. Y&R (Young & Rubicam)

  1. McCann Erickson

  1. Crispin Porter + Bogusky

  1. Publicis Groupe

  1. Wieden+Kennedy

  1. Mother Advertising

  1. Ogilvy & Mather

  1. VMLY&R

  1. Droga5

  1. 180LA

  1. Traction Creative Group

  1. Bigeye Creative Agency

  1. Rauxa

  1. Colangelo Synergy Marketing

  1. Big Fish Marketing Group


United Kingdom:

  1. AMV BBDO London

  1. Karmarama London  

  1. WCRS London  

  1. CHI & Partners London  

  1. Ogilvy & Mather London  

  1. Dare Digital London  

  1. Creative Spark UK Ltd  

  1. StrawberryFrog Europe  

  1. Battenhall Ltd  

10 The Gate Worldwide UK Ltd   



  1. Jung von Matt AG    

2 Scholz & Friends Group    

3 BBDO Germany AG    

4 Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH    

5 Serviceplan Group    

6 Draft FCB Germany GmbH     

7 Kolle Rebbe GmbH    8 Mutabor Design GmbH    

9 Gruppe Für Gestaltung GmbH     

10 KNSK Werbeagentur GmbH



  1. BETC  

  1. TBWA Paris  

  1. Publicis Conseil  

  1. Marcel Paris  

  1. Fred & Farid Group  


  1. Rosapark  

  1. Les Gaulois



  1. Cummins&Partners                                                                                                                     

2 303 MullenLowe Australia                           

3 Clemenger BBDO Sydney             

4 DDB Sydney                                       

5 Saatchi & Saatchi Australia     

6 Leo Burnett Sydney   

7 J Walter Thompson Sydney

8 BMF Advertising



  1. Cossette Communications Group Inc.  

  1. High Road Communications Inc.  

  1. Blammo Worldwide Inc.  

  1. Jungle Media Inc.            

5 TAXI Canada Inc.               

6 Innocean Worldwide Canada Inc.    

7 MacLaren McCann Canada Ltd.     

8 Bensimon Byrne Ltd.



  1. La Despensa Creativa SCCL    

2 Ogilvy & Mather España SRL    

3 Grey Spain SLU       

4 Shackleton SL     

5 D DB España SRL      

6 Contrapunto BBDO SRL       

7 Havas Worldwide Spain SLU     

8 McCann Spain SLU



  1. Armando Testa SpA     

2 Saatchi & Saatchi Italy SpA     

3 JWT Italia Srl     

4 Y&R Milan Srl      

5 DraftFCB Italia Srl      

6 The Adrenaline Company SpA    

7 Leo Burnett SpA      

8 Ogilvy & Mather Italia Srl



  1. Dentsu Incorporated      

2 Hakuhodo Advertising Incorporated      

3 Asatsu-DK Incorporated      

4 ADK Corporation     

5 Hakuhodo Products Co., Ltd     

6 Lowe Lintas Japan Co., Ltd      

7 Ogilvy & Mather Japan, Inc      




1 .Africa Comunicação e Criatividade Ltda        

2 DM9DDB Comunicação Ltda       

3 Mood Comunicação Integrada Ltda        

4 Fischer & Friends Ltda        

5 Almap BBDO Propaganda Ltda        

6 JWT Brazil Comunicação Publicitária Ltda    

7 Africa Propaganda e Publicidade Ltda        

8 Publicis Brasil Comunicações de Massa Ltda



1 .Leo Burnett Greater China         

2 Grey Group Greater China          

3 Ogilvy Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd       

4 McCann Erickson (Shanghai) Advertising Co., Ltd           

5 Isobar Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd         

6 Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Ltd           

7 JCDecaux Pearl & Dean (China) Advertising Co., Ltd          

8 Publicis China Advertising Co., Ltd


What is the price range of Guerilla Advertising in European countries and the United States?

European Countries

  1. United Kingdom: £2,000 - £10,000

  1. France: €1,000 - €7,500

  1. Germany: €3,000 - €15,000

  1. Spain: €2,000 - €8,200

  1. Italy: €3,000-€17,500

  1. Netherlands: €1,500 - €9,000  

  1. Sweden: SEK 15 - SEK 75

  1. Denmark: DKK 2.5 - DKK 12

  1. Finland: EUR 1.5k-EUR 7k

  1. Norway: NOK 5k-NOK 25k


United States

  1. New York City: USD 2,500–USD 10,000  

  1. Los Angeles: USD 2,000–USD 8,000  

  1. Chicago: USD 2,000–USD 10,000  

  1. Houston: USD 1,500–USD 8,000  

  1. Philadelphia: USD 1,800-USD 9,200  

  1. Phoenix/Arizona : USD 2k-USD 8k  

  1. San Antonio : USD 2k-USD 6k  

  1. San Diego : USD 2k-USD 9k  

  1. Dallas : USD 3k-USD 12k  

  1. San Jose/California : USD 2k-USD 10k   

  1. Jacksonville/Florida : USD 1k-USD 7k   

  1. Indianapolis : USD 2k-USD 10k   

  1. Austin : USD 3k-USD 12k   

24 .San Francisco Bay Area : USD 3K to USD 15K   

25 .Columbus/Ohio : USD 1K to USD 7K    

26 .Boston/Massachusetts : USD 3K to USD 12K    

27 .Charlotte/North Carolina : US$1K to US$7K    

28 .Detroit/Michigan : US$2K to US$10K    

29 .Nashville /Tennessee : US$1K to US$8K    

30 .Memphis/Tennessee : US$2K to US$8K    

31 .Baltimore/Maryland : US$2K to US$9K     

32 .Seattle/Washington State : US$3K to US$15K     

33 .Washington D C.: US$2 K to US$10 K


Advantages of Guerilla Advertising

  1. It is relatively inexpensive and can reach a large audience without having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns.

  1. It is effective in reaching target audiences that may not be exposed to traditional forms of advertising.

  1. It can be used to create awareness and generate buzz around a product or service.

  1. It typically stands out from traditional forms of advertising making it more memorable.

  1. It allows brands to target specific groups of consumers with strategically planned campaigns.

  1. It builds brand loyalty by engaging customers directly in unique ways.

  1. It gives brands an edge over competitors as it stands out from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Its unconventional nature allows for creativity and experimentation, which leads to increased engagement with potential customers.

  1. Guerilla advertising can help reach consumers who are typically difficult to target with traditional media formats.

  1. Guerilla marketing tactics are often thought to be more trustworthy than traditional advertising tactics due to its interactive nature with consumers

  1. Increased visibility: Guerilla marketing helps create a greater visibility for the brand or product in local markets

  1. Expanded reach: A guerilla campaign can be used in multiple locations, thus reaching a larger audience

  1. Long-term impact: People are likely to remember guerilla campaigns even weeks after they occur, thus creating sustained awareness for the brand

  1. High return on investment: Guerilla campaigns come at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing campaigns, but still yield substantial returns

  1. Flexibility: Guerrilla marketing offers flexibility as it can be adapted quickly and easily according to changing customer needs and trends

  1. Low risk: Compared to other types of promotional activities, guerrilla marketing carries less risk and has a greater potential for success

  1. Direct interaction with customers: Through guerilla campaigns, brands have a direct and intimate interaction with their targeted audiences

  1. Unique approach: With guerilla marketing, brands have an opportunity to stand out from their competitors through the use of creative tactics

19 Improved credibility: Customers tend to trust brands that engage them in interactive and creative ways, thus improving the overall credibility of the brand or product

20 Freshness: Creative guerilla tactics keep things fresh for customers since such campaigns usually follow unexpected paths

21 Lasting relationships: Guerilla campaigns create stronger relationships between brands and their customers as they allow people to engage with each other on a more personal level  

22 Increased engagement with non-traditional audiences: Guerilla campaigns can target non-traditional audiences like university students or young professionals who may not be exposed to traditional media outlets

23 Cost-effective: Guerilla tactics are cost effective as they require minimal resources yet offer maximum impact


Trends in Guerilla Advertising in the World

  1. Guerilla advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years as it offers brands an effective way to reach potential customers in a more personal and creative manner than traditional advertising methods.

  1. Many companies are now utilizing guerilla marketing tactics to create memorable experiences that grab the attention of their target audience and stand out from the competition.

  1. Street art is one of the most widely used guerilla advertising techniques, with brands using graffiti, stickers, and other art forms to communicate their message in unexpected locations.

  1. Flash mob performances have also become popular as they offer a unique and engaging way for companies to share their message with potential customers without spending a lot of money.

  1. Interactive installations in public spaces are another increasingly popular type of guerilla advertising, allowing brands to engage with their audience in an immersive way that helps create an emotional connection.

  1. Pop-up events allow companies to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and quickly engaging passersby in an exciting and memorable way that can make a lasting impact.

  1. Technology is also playing an important role in guerilla advertising, with virtual reality experiences, augmented reality games, and other digital activities being used to draw attention and increase engagement with potential customers.

  1. Social media has also become an important tool for guerilla marketing, with many brands taking advantage of viral content such as memes, gifs, videos, and more to spread their message quickly across multiple platforms.

  1. Mobile technology has given rise to location-based services such as Geofencing which allow brands to send targeted messages to customers when they pass through certain areas or make use of certain apps or services.

  1. Beacon technology has also been utilized by many brands as it allows them to send personalized messages or promotions to customers when they are in close proximity of the store or event they wish to promote

  1. Guerrilla advertising is also creating new opportunities for content creators as companies look for innovative ways to reach potential customers through video production, podcasting, blogging, and more

12 . Companies are now looking for new ways to combine traditional advertising methods with guerilla tactics in order to create powerful campaigns that drive results

13 . Experiential marketing is becoming more common as well, with some brands creating immersive environments that allow customers to interact directly with products or services before making a purchase

14 . Many companies are utilizing guerrilla advertising techniques such as flash mobs and interactive installations at major events such as music festivals or sports games in order to attract large audiences

15 . The use of celebrity endorsements is also growing among brands who are looking for new ways to reach target audiences

16 . Sponsored influencers on social media have become popular among many companies who want to leverage the power of influencers’ followings in order to increase brand awareness  

17 . Brands are also turning towards alternative forms of promotion such as guerrilla busking which involves performers taking over public spaces and performing music or theater pieces related to the company’s message

18 . Companies are now adapting traditional print materials such as posters or flyers into interactive experiences by using QR codes which can link directly back to the company’s website

19 . Augmented Reality (AR) is being used more frequently by businesses who want their target audience members to be able to interact directly with products or services even if they’re not physically present  

20 . Companies are now creating guerrilla ad campaigns that blur the lines between digital media and physical locations by creating interactive installations that blend print ads with digital experiences.

21 . Companies have started leveraging emerging technologies such as facial recognition software which allows them to identify target audiences with greater accuracy and provide them with personalized messages

22 . Crowdsourcing has become popular among many businesses who want their target audience members involved in the creation process by providing ideas or feedback on specific campaigns

23 . Smartphone apps have become integral elements of modern guerilla campaigns by allowing users access exclusive content related to the brand while providing them incentives for participating in specific activities or downloading the app itself.


Interesting Facts About Guerilla Advertising

• Guerilla advertising is a form of unconventional, low-cost marketing that relies on creative and unexpected tactics to draw attention.

• It is gaining traction in the world as an effective form of advertising for companies who want to stand out from the competition.

• Street art, flash mob performances, interactive installations in public spaces, pop-up events are some of the popular components of guerilla advertising.

• Guerilla advertising is used by companies to reach potential customers in a more personal way than traditional advertising methods.

• It has become an increasingly popular way for companies to get their message out while still keeping costs low.

• Guerilla advertising can be used to target specific demographics and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

• It is often used to create a buzz around a product or service, generate interest in a brand, increase brand awareness, and differentiate from competitors.

• Companies use guerilla advertising to break through the noise of traditional advertising methods such as radio and television commercials.

• It is also popular with small businesses as it allows them to make an impact without spending large amounts of money on advertising campaigns.

• Guerilla advertising campaigns often involve unexpected elements such as surprise performances or stunts that generate media attention and create an emotional connection with consumers.

• Companies are taking advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to spread their message in an innovative way.

• Guerilla marketing tactics can be used to target local markets and generate interest from potential customers.

• Companies use guerilla ads to build relationships with customers by providing interactive experiences that engage them on a personal level.

• Guerilla marketing also focuses on creating unique experiences for customers that will create long-lasting memories and further strengthen their connection with the brand.

• Companies are using guerilla marketing strategies in combination with online platforms such as websites and blogs to amplify their message and reach larger audiences more efficiently.

• Mobile devices are being utilized by companies in order to create immersive experiences for consumers with augmented reality campaigns, virtual reality experiences, and more.

• Companies are utilizing data analytics tools combined with guerilla marketing tactics in order to better understand customer behavior, preferences, and interests which allows them to tailor campaigns more effectively.

• Guerilla marketing is also becoming more targeted as companies look for ways to better identify their target audience and deliver messages tailored specifically for their needs.


Most Popular and Creative Guerilla Ads in the World

  1. The Batman Graffiti Ad: A graffiti artist in London created a giant mural of the iconic Batman symbol to promote the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

  1. Pepsi Human Billboard: Pepsi hired people to dress up as human billboards, with their bodies covered in Pepsi logos, to advertise the soda brand.

  1. The Flying Cow Campaign: Burger King used a remote-controlled blimp shaped like a flying cow to fly around various cities and promote its products.

  1. Acura’s Snowman Billboard: Acura placed a giant snowman made out of ice at a busy intersection in New York City to promote their cars during wintertime.

  1. Fanta’s Power Stick Billboard: Fanta created a billboard that used an LED-lit power stick to draw attention to its products.

  1. Heineken’s Subway Car Wrap: Heineken wrapped an entire New York City subway car in their branding and promotional messages.

  1. McDonald’s Street Chalk Art: McDonald’s drew attention to their products by creating chalk art on sidewalks throughout various cities in the US.

  1. Corona's Sand Art Ad: Corona created a massive sand art installation in London that featured their logo and slogans about summertime fun.

  1. Nike Basketball Hoop Bus Ad: Nike created a bus covered with basketball hoops that traveled around cities across the US, encouraging people to play basketball wherever they went.

  1. Volkswagen’s Giant Rubik's Cube Ad: Volkswagen built a giant Rubik's Cube at an intersection in Mexico City to demonstrate how their cars are easy to customize and adaptable for any situation.

  1. Intel’s Pixelated Posters: Intel used pixelated posters that were actually made up of thousands of tiny Intel processors, demonstrating how Intel can power anything from smartphones to desktops computers.  

  1. Pepsi’s Billboards That Play Music: Pepsi created billboards with speakers embedded inside them which played music if you walked up close enough, drawing people in and engaging them with their brand messaging.

  1. Heineken’s Social Media Vending Machine: Heineken installed a vending machine at SXSW that allowed people to get free beer if they checked into the location on social media first.  

14.M&M's Traffic Lights Ad: M&M's set up traffic lights featuring candy characters wearing construction vests near busy intersections in multiple cities across the US, promoting their “Candy Worker” contest.  

  1. Apple Store Window Displays: Apple stores often feature unique window displays that draw attention from passersby with colorful images and creative product demonstrations inside the store itself.  

16 . Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 Walkways Ads : Microsoft installed large walkways painted with scenes from its popular game, Combat Flight Simulator 2, transforming everyday streets into virtual battlefields .

17 . Dr Pepper Couch Potato Billboard : Dr Pepper used an oversized couch shaped like a potato outside of its headquarters building in Texas , reminding people they should take breaks from work and enjoy life .  

18 . Land Rover Underground Ads : Land Rover created ads featuring lifesize models of SUVs , buried underground , with only the headlights visible , as if they were emerging from beneath the earth .  

19 . Coca Cola Park Bench Ads : Coca Cola placed park benches around various countries featuring cutouts of real people holding Coke bottles , encouraging passersby to sit next to them and experience something special .  

20 . Svedka Vodka Vending Machines : Svedka installed vodka vending machines at different events around the US , allowing people 21 or over (with ID) to purchase drinks directly from it .  

21 . Red Bull Air Races : Red Bull held air races all across Europe where participants flew planes through obstacle courses for spectators below , drawing attention for its energy drink brand .  

22 . Spotify Street Piano Performance : Spotify set up a piano on a street corner in New York City and invited passersby to play music on it all day long , creating an interactive way for people to engage with their brand .  

23 . 3M's Sticky Note Light Installation : 3M set up an interactive light installation at South by Southwest featuring sticky notes stuck onto walls that lit up when touched , showcasing how 3M products can be used in creative ways .  

24 . Duracell Batteries Power Outlet Mural : Duracell set up a huge mural made out of 50 power outlets in Boston, letting passersby charge their phones using Duracell batteries while seeing the company logo prominently displayed above them .   

25 . Sony Bravia Bouncing Balls Ad : Sony famously threw hundreds of brightly colored balls down the streets of San Francisco to promote its Bravia line of TVs , drawing attention and creating an unforgettable image associated with the brand forevermore .   

26 . LG LED Wall Mural : LG set up an LED wall mural featuring images taken from photos sent by users on Instagram , showing how LG products can be used for creative purposes such as photography or video editing projects .   

27 . Gatorade Sidewalk Splatter Ads : Gatorade splattered bright colors onto sidewalks using water guns filled with Gatorade powder mix , animating dull pavement surfaces into vibrant works of art to attract potential customers passing by on foot or vehicle alike .   

28 . Fanta Fruit-Shaped Billboards : Fanta displayed life-size fruit-shaped billboards adorned with Fanta branding at several locations throughout Europe , helping bring awareness about their fruity flavor offerings while providing eye-catching visuals for passersby too !    

29 . Hyundai Gravity Defying Car Ad : Hyundai set up an ad featuring one of its cars suspended upside down from a crane in locations around Europe , making it look like gravity had been defied as part of this guerilla marketing campaign !    

30 . Canon Flash Mob Photo Shoot Advertise ment : Canon organized flash mobs across several cities where photographers jumped out from hidden locations and began snapping pictures with Canon cameras as part of this guerilla advertising campaign !    

31 . Kellogg's Street Chalk Drawing Ads : Kellogg's hired street artists to draw colorful chalk drawings depicting characters from their cereals alongside Kellogg's logos on sidewalks throughout various locations around Europe !    

32 . Samsung Digital Graffiti Wall Ads : Samsung installed digital graffiti walls that allowed users to spray paint digital images onto walls using controllers shaped like spray cans ! This clever guerilla advertising campaign helped spread awareness about Samsung's innovative products !  

33 Adidas Climbing Wall Ads : Adidas set up climbing walls decorated with Adidas branding atop buildings around England so climbers could show off their skills while also promoting Adidas as they climbed higher and higher !    

34 Starbucks Coffee Cup Bookmark Ads : Starbucks launched bookmark ads featuring miniature coffee cups attached to actual books which could be found at libraries all over Britain - this clever guerilla ad campaign encouraged readers to grab coffee afterwards too.

35 Walmart Watering Can Statues Ads : Walmart placed statues made out of gardening tools like watering cans throughout parks around Canada which depicted happy families spending time together - this helped promote Walmart as well as encourage family activities !       

36 Bic Pen Graffiti Ads : Bic sponsored graffiti artists who wrote slogans about Bic pens using actual Bic pens instead of spray paint - this helped show off how durable Bic pens are while reaching out trendy consumers through guerilla advertising techniques !  


Return on Investment (ROI) of Guerilla Advertising

Return on investment, or ROI, is an important factor to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of any form of advertising. Guerilla advertising is no exception, and brands need to be sure that their guerilla campaigns yield a positive ROI in order to be worth the effort of creating and executing them.


When measuring the ROI of guerilla advertising, it's important to understand that the main goal of these campaigns is usually not just to generate immediate sales. Instead, guerilla campaigns are typically designed to create awareness and build a connection with potential customers that can lead to a strong relationship over time. Therefore, measuring the success of guerilla campaigns must go beyond just tracking direct sales.


To measure the ROI of a guerilla advertising campaign, brands should look at both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Qualitative metrics can include brand recognition, brand affinity, customer feedback, and more. These metrics can be collected through surveys, interviews, focus groups, or other methods. Quantitative metrics such as website visits, emails collected, social media shares and followers, or even store visits can also provide valuable insight into how successful a guerilla campaign has been in engaging potential customers.


It's also important to ensure that any ROI measurements taken are relevant across all platforms used in the campaign. For example, if a brand launched both an online campaign and a physical installation as part of their guerilla marketing strategy, they should be sure to look at how well each component performed individually as well as together in order to get a better understanding of overall results.


The cost-effectiveness of guerilla advertising is one of its biggest advantages over traditional advertising methods. Therefore, measuring the ROI of a successful guerilla campaign can provide valuable insight into how worthwhile this type of marketing strategy can be for brands big and small. By taking into account both qualitative and quantitative data when analyzing their campaigns' performance, brands can gain a better understanding of how successful their efforts were and how they can improve upon them going forward.


How to Buy a Guerilla Advertising Space

Guerilla Advertising is an innovative way to promote your business and reach wider audiences. Whether you want to stand out on the thriving city of New York or make a statement on a smaller regional level, this form of advertisement could be perfect for your goals. With AdMarket, booking and managing Guerilla Ad campaigns has never been easier. Get your business noticed today by signing up with AdMarket and creating a difference. 

Guerilla Advertising in the Future

The future of guerilla advertising is bright, with many companies embracing this unconventional approach to marketing. With the rise of digital media, businesses are able to target potential customers in innovative ways and create a more engaging experience than ever before. More companies will be using virtual reality and augmented reality technology to create interactive installations that invite users to interact with their brand in an immersive way. Social media campaigns will become increasingly sophisticated, allowing businesses to accurately target their ideal customers and create personalized experiences.


In addition, guerilla advertising will become even more localized as businesses take advantage of location-based technologies, such as GPS and geofencing, to deliver tailored messaging to potential customers in specific areas. Companies will also be able to leverage digital signage networks in cities across the globe to get their message out to a huge number of people.


Video content will continue to be popular for guerilla advertising campaigns, as brands look for ways to stand out from the crowd and make an impact with potential customers. Businesses will be able to use video content in real-time, creating dynamic experiences that resonate with viewers. Additionally, the use of influencers in guerilla campaigns is likely to increase, further enhancing the power of this type of marketing strategy.


Finally, as technology continues to evolve, guerilla advertising campaigns will become even more creative and interactive. For example, as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widely used by companies, AI-powered chatbots could be used in public spaces or on social media platforms to help brands create personalized conversations with potential customers.


Overall, while traditional forms of advertising still have a place in the world today, guerilla advertising is sure to become increasingly popular in the years ahead as companies look for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. With so much potential for creativity and engagement, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning towards guerilla marketing tactics for their next campaign.


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Direct Mail

26 Dec 2022