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The idea of an online platform that makes advertising easy, accessible and transparent to reserve advertising space was formed when I started the industry. When this idea matured with the knowledge and experience in the sector, it turned into a project. While returning to Turkey one day, the drawings and diagrams I made on the plane were the first steps of the project. I will never forget that excitement.

This idea, which tends to shape the sector, turned into a global project in a short time with the support of a few brave investors. This project, which came to life with the devoted efforts of a handful of idealistic volunteers, takes one step further every day, develops and moves forward in line with its vision.

While turning disadvantages such as cost, time and complexity into advantages for the business, contributing to the advertising sector by expanding the market on a global scale and creating value were the natural goals of the admarket idea. Admarket's most important stakeholders are the three pillars of its industry. Advertisers, Media (advertising media owners, publishers, producers, agencies, media buying companies) and ad creators… All these parts of the advertising industry in the world can come together with the 'Admarket' and create values because of common denominators.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and supported this project, which will make significant contributions to the development of the sector. I wish to be a bigger family that grows together with each passing day, where the parties of the advertising industry smile, win and create values…

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Ali Coşkun


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