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It is barter, you exchange your ad space with another ad space in mutual agreement.

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What is ‘AdChange’

'Ad-change' is an option to purchase advertising in order by selling your ad space at the same time.

If you have ad places and want to promote your brand, you can find ad publisher or special ad places and publish your ad by using ad-change in 'admarket' It is barter, you exchange your ad space with another ad space in mutual agreement.

Turn your empty ad spaces into revenue. No more vacant ad spaces with AdChange.

An example

For example, a firm named CITY BOARDS needs plenty of Tv advertising. Let's say that he chose a product of a firm named PRPI TV among the products listed in the TV category according to the criteria of location, frequency, platform, price, etc., for his advertisements. In return for broadcasting its advertisements to PRPI TV, PRPI TV may offer to broadcast its advertisements on billboard areas it owns.
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Benefit of adchange

You can turn idle position media spaces into profit with someone who needs your media spaces.

Discovery crosses ad spaces on admarket and sends a request to Change your ad space.



Click ‘Add Adchange’

You use the 'Add Adchange' option when you load the advertising place you want to buy into your cart.


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