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Billboard Advertising

22 Nov 2022

What is Billboard Advertising 

Billboard Advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that uses large, eye-catching billboards to capture the attention of viewers and promote a product or service. It is an effective form of visual communication that can reach a wide audience with minimal cost per impression.

Billboards are typically located in places people commonly pass by daily, such as urban roads, busy train stations, and other high traffic areas. They are usually constructed from wood, vinyl, or metal to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are generally brightly coloured and feature bold visuals to make them stand out even more.

In addition to their size and placement, billboards also use large fonts and images to convey their message quickly and clearly. The message needs to be concise since the viewer only has a few seconds to digest it as they pass by. Billboard Advertising also requires good timing since it is time-sensitive; audiences will only see it when they’re passing by, so it’s important to ensure that the message resonates with them at that moment.

Advertisers may also choose to use digital billboards instead of static ones, which can be changed frequently in order to keep their messages up-to-date and avoid audience saturation. Digital billboards are connected to computers and can display animations, video clips, and other interactive content - making them an even more effective way to grab attention.

Companies often use Billboard Advertising in conjunction with other forms of marketing such as radio or television commercials. This helps create maximum visibility for the advertised brand or product while reinforcing the same message across all platforms. Companies can also use billboard Advertising campaigns to target specific demographics or locations depending on who they want to reach.

Overall, Billboard Advertising is an effective form of visual communication that can produce impressive results while being cost-effective at the same time. It allows advertisers the chance to reach a large audience quickly and effectively while allowing them full control over how they want their message portrayed.

Types of Billboard Advertising 

Billboard advertising types are categorised by size, location, and content. 
1. Traditional Billboards: These are large billboards along highways or main roads that offer eye-catching advertisements for businesses wanting to increase exposure. They typically feature single colours with simple messages displayed in short words or phrases (e.g., “Get It Now”). 
2. Digital Billboards : Also known as LED signs, these screens use light-emitting diode technology to create animated displays that capture attention from passersby while providing more options than traditional billboards due to the ability of digital signage software, which enables advertisers to adjust messaging according to time of day and seasonality factors such as holidays & special events; they have become increasingly popular for city centres across North America over recent years).
3. Street Furniture Ads: This form of outdoor marketing uses everyday objects like benches, and bus stops on sidewalks or public spaces as a canvas for brands looking to penetrate urban areas where foot traffic is highest. In addition to being used primarily outdoors, street furniture ads can also be found inside airports & shopping malls -- wherever people frequently congregate during their leisure activities. 
4. In-Transit Advertising: commuters who rely on mass transportation systems like buses and subways often view in-transit ads – especially when travelling long distances between major cities - which makes this type particularly effective at reaching populations beyond those seen outside your storefront! And since multiple riders see each ad before one has a chance to go past it again, frequency plays a key role here too, allowing companies plenty of opportunity to grow name recognition quickly using limited resources. 

Characteristics Of Billboard Ads: 

  1. Visibility:
Billboards are designed to be easily seen from a distance and for long periods of time. 
  1. Frequency:
Due to the large size, billboards have high visibility, which leads to frequent exposure of your message, given that its location remains unchanged over weeks or months. 
  1. Reach:
With billboard advertising, you can target local and regional markets with particular messages that allow you to reach thousands of potential customers quickly and cost-effectively without geographic limits or other restrictions like age, gender, income level etc. 
  1. Flexibility/Creativity:
Your ad creative sets the tone for billboard designs. Whether it’s a straightforward approach using words alone combined with visual imagery (photographs) text only layouts etc., there is ample space available, allowing plenty of creativity when designing billboard ads that will stand out in any urban landscape setting whilst effectively conveying important information and driving results via effective messaging techniques such as call-to-action prompts & headlines commanding attention instantly grabbing public focus both day & night offering reliable presence no matter what else happens around it during peak times, it stands tall letting others know about new deals being offered.


For Which Sectors is Billboard Advertising the Best? Which Companies Advertise in This Category the Most?

Billboard advertising is ideal for companies looking to reach a large, diverse audience. Companies in the retail, automotive, financial services, telecommunications, and entertainment industries tend to be among the biggest advertisers in this category. Mcdonald's, Coca-Cola, Apple, Walmart, AT&T, and Disney are just a few of the many companies that regularly advertise on billboards.

Other sectors that may benefit from billboard advertising include hospitality, travel, sports, technology, and healthcare. Depending on the region and audience, some of these companies may also opt for digital billboards which can offer a more interactive and immersive experience. Billboard advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and increase visibility. With the right creative strategy and placement, it can be an effective tool in marketing and advertising campaigns. Billboard campaigns can be tailored to target different demographics and reach audiences in the most efficient way possible.


The Most Prominent Billboard Advertising Agencies And Companies

United States: Outfront Media is a leading outdoor advertising agency in the US. They provide custom creative solutions and innovative technology to help brands reach their target audience.

Canada: Cieslok Media is a full-service outdoor advertising agency focused on creating campaigns that engage Canadian audiences. They specialize in creating captivating billboard designs and campaigns tailored to the Canadian market.

Australia: oOh!media is Australia’s largest outdoor media company, offering a range of billboard and digital advertising solutions for companies looking to expand their reach. They are committed to helping brands engage with Australian audiences through creative and impactful campaigns.

India: Laqshya Media Group is one of India’s leading outdoor advertising agencies. They provide end-to-end services from planning to execution of billboard campaigns, covering all major cities across India and reaching an extensive target audience.

Brazil: JCDecaux Brazil is a leading international provider of out-of-home advertising services in Brazil. They specialize in providing cutting-edge digital billboards as well as traditional static boards that offer maximum visibility for brands hoping to reach Brazilian consumers.

Japan: Zenith Media Japan is a leading outdoor advertising agency that specializes in creating impactful billboard campaigns for clients targeting the Japanese market.

China: Focus Media is one of China’s largest out-of-home advertising agencies and provides billboard solutions for both urban and rural markets.

South Korea: Cheil Worldwide is a top outdoor advertising agency in South Korea, offering comprehensive solutions that help engage Korean consumers and reach a wide audience.

Mexico: Grupo Extabs is Mexico’s leading outdoor advertising provider, with offices located throughout the country. They offer a range of solutions, from standard billboards to digital displays, to ensure maximum visibility for brands.

Philippines: Prime Outdoor Advertising is a full-service outdoor advertising agency based in the Philippines. They help brands reach more customers through innovative billboard campaigns tailored to Filipino audiences.

Germany: Ströer Out-of-Home GmbH is one of Germany’s biggest outdoor advertising agencies, specializing in creating eye-catching billboard campaigns tailored to the German market.

France: JCDecaux France is an international out-of-home media provider with a strong presence in France, offering innovative billboard solutions for French customers.

Indonesia: PT Media Nusantara Citra offers a wide variety of out-of-home media services in Indonesia, ranging from traditional billboards to digital screens and displays.

Italy: Clear Channel Italia is an international provider of out-of-home media solutions that specialize in helping brands effectively reach Italian consumers through captivating advertisement campaigns.

Spain: Clear Channel Spain is another international provider with extensive experience creating custom billboard campaigns for companies reaching Spanish audiences.

Average Prices of Billboard Ads in the World 

The price range of billboard ads in European countries and the United States can vary widely depending on location, size, visibility and other factors. Generally speaking, a standard six-sheet poster (3 ft by 4 ft) located in urban areas may cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 per month or more. Large billboards located along highly trafficked highways or in large cities typically run around $2,000-$10,000+/month for a single-sided panel, with prices often increasing if there are multiple panels involved.

Digital billboard ads tend to be significantly more expensive than their traditional counterparts due to their rotating capabilities (which allow for greater reach since different messages can be shown over time) and the high production costs associated with creating appropriate digital visuals for viewing from afar. On average, you could expect prices to range between $5000 -$20 000 per month, but higher-end locations such as Times Square will increase pricing much further than this number suggests. 

North America  

United States‎ : $2 000 – 14 000 Per Month  

Canada‎ : C$5000-$25000 per Month  



France: €3,500 - €6,500 per month

Spain: €1,800 -€4.800per month

UK‎ : £2,500 - £5,000 per month

Germany‎ : €3.500 - €6.500 per month

Italy‎ : €2.500- €4.500per month

Russia‎ : ₽ 80 000 - ₽ 160 000 (USD 1 200 - 2 400)per month

Netherlands ‎ : 2 500 - 5 000 Euro Per Month

Belgium‎ : 3 500- 6 500 Euro Per Month   



India‎ : Rs. 150 000 - 400 0000 (USD 2 300 - 6 100) per Month   

Japan‎ : ¥ 270 000- 800 000 (USD 2 400- 7 300 ) Per Month   

China‎ : ¥ 8 000-20 000 (USD 720- 1 800)Per Month

South Korea‎ : ₩ 4 000–10 000 (USD 3.5–9) Per Month

Malaysia ‎ : RM 10 0 00-25 00 0(USD 2 400–6 100 ) Per Month



South Africa: $2,000 – $14,000 per month

Nigeria: $1,000 – $6,000 per month

Egypt: $100 – $3,500 per month

Kenya: $400 – $2,000 per month

Morocco: $400 – $2,000 per month

Ghana: $400 – $2,000 per month

Tunisia: $300 – $1,500 per month

Uganda: $200 – $1,250 per month

Algeria: $200 -$1,500 per month

Ivory Coast:$150 -$1,000 per month


Advantages of Billboard Ads 

  1. They are highly visible: 
Billboards offer excellent visibility for companies and products, especially if strategically placed in busy areas like highways or city centres. With no other distractions around a billboard, people can’t help but see it. 
  1. Brand reinforcement & recall:
Billboard advertising puts your brand imagery directly into the minds of drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike, meaning that even after you take away the physical billboards, these images will stay with them as they continue their journey to wherever they may be going making sure that customers remember your company name long after seeing it on a billboard ad campaign.
  1. Targeted messaging:
Outdoor marketers have access to sophisticated audience measurement data so brands can tailor messages according to respective audiences while also taking advantage of regional differences across cities/towns. This allows more focused targeting when buying billboard space by location or demographic segmentation, such as age groups. This makes sure that ads reach only those who will benefit from remembering them! 
  1. Cost-effective coverage potential:
The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) offered via outdoor is much lower than most traditional media channels allowing businesses significant amounts of exposure at an affordable rate compared with TV spots, for instance, where prices tend to be higher due to lengthier copy requirements and production costs associated with each site aired multiple times throughout certain broadcast day-parts.


Billboard Advertising Trends in the World

The use of billboard advertising has grown significantly over the past few years, with more companies investing in billboard advertising as a way to reach their target audiences. Companies are now beginning to leverage new technologies such as digital billboards and geolocation targeting to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Digital billboards are becoming increasingly popular as they allow advertisers to change their message on the fly, depending on the time of day or day of the week. Digital billboards also have interactive features that allow viewers to directly engage with the ad through touchscreen interactions. This allows for more dynamic, data-driven campaigns that can be changed in real-time based on consumer reactions.

Geolocation targeting is another trend in billboard advertising that has become popular in the last few years. This type of targeting allows advertisers to pinpoint their audience by targeting people in specific locations or within certain distance from their business or product location. This allows companies to target people who may be interested in what they are offering and are likely to respond positively to the ad.

Additionally, there has been an increased focus on using creative design techniques in order to capture attention and make an impactful statement. Companies are using motion graphics, light-up presentations, and other innovative techniques that can help draw attention from viewers and make a lasting impression.

Overall, billboard advertising has seen a surge in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to reach large numbers of people at once. Companies have begun leveraging new technologies such as digital billboards and geolocation targeting to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns while also utilizing creative design techniques that can capture the attention of viewers.


Interesting Billboard Advertising Facts

  1. Billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising, dating back to the 19th century.

  1. A survey conducted in the US in 2015 found that 33% of Americans noticed billboard advertising on their daily commute.

  1. Billboards are estimated to reach 70-90% of people within a city's limits at least once a week.

  1. The first ever digital billboard was introduced in 2005 and since then digital technology has been steadily advancing the industry.

  1. Mobile billboards are becoming increasingly popular as they can be taken to outdoor events, concerts, and more, allowing businesses to reach even more potential customers.

  1. In 2018 billboard advertising in the US generated $7 billion in revenue, representing an 8% increase from 2017.

  1. The average cost per impression for billboard advertising is $0.30-$0.50 which is significantly lower than other forms of traditional media like television or radio advertising.

  1. There are approximately 445,000 billboards in the US alone, with most of them located near highways and other busy roads.

  1. The world’s largest billboard is located in Los Angeles, California at 785 ft² (73 m²).

  1. Atlanta is home to the largest LED billboard in the country at 3,200 ft² (297 m²).  

  1. China boasts the biggest LED billboard in the world at 20,400 ft² (1,892 m²).

  1. Digital billboards are capable of displaying up to 25-30 frames per second allowing for multiple advertisements to be shown simultaneously on one display every few seconds creating a dynamic environment for viewers and advertisers alike.

  1. Billboard advertising can also be used to target specific audiences by location or demographic through its geo-targeting capabilities or through data gathered from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets who are within range of the billboard ad’s signal.

  1. Billboard campaigns can be adjusted in real time based on data gathered from customer feedback or analytics platforms providing businesses with better insights into what messages resonate best with their target audience and how successful their campaigns have been overall.  

  1. Billboard advertisements featuring celebrities or well-known brands tend to be more effective than regular ads due to their “star power” and greater visibility among consumers who recognize them when they appear on a billboard ad campaign .

16 .Billboard ads can also be used as an effective way to create brand awareness and recognition within local communities and drive traffic towards products or services being offered by businesses .  

17 .Large format billboards tend to garner more attention due to their size making them an ideal medium for promoting large scale events such as music festivals or blockbuster movies .  

18 .LED billboards have become increasingly popular due to their superior brightness creating more eye catching visuals which resonates better with potential customers .  

19 .Billboard advertising is also often used by non-profit organizations and charities looking for ways to spread awareness about their cause while generating donations or volunteers .  

20 .In 2012 Guinness World Records awarded French artist Pascal Boyart with a record breaking 15 story painting which was displayed on a 320 ft² (30 m²) billboard in Paris France .  

21 .Billboards that use QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as they allow potential customers to scan them and access more information about a particular product or service outside of what is displayed on the actual ad itself .  

22 .In some cases billboards can also be used for experiential marketing campaigns whereby viewers are allowed interact with ads directly via touch screens giving them access to additional content related to the product or service being advertised .  

23 .The resurgence of vinyl record sales has given rise to vinyl billboards where companies wrap large records around existing structures such as buildings or bridges giving it a unique aesthetic look that stands out from other traditional ad formats usually seen on billboards today .  

24 .Outdoor digital media networks have become one of the most effective forms of modern day billboard advertising combining multiple digital displays into one single network allowing advertisers greater flexibility when it comes targeting specific audiences based on their preferences and interests while still delivering impressive visuals that draw more attention from passersby's compared to static ads .    

25 .Billboard ads have become increasingly popular due to their cost efficiency when compared with other forms of traditional media allowing businesses of all sizes access to an effective form of marketing without having too greatly invest either money or time into it's campaigns thus making it an ideal medium for any size business looking for maximum return on investment from its ad campaigns .


Most Popular and Creative Billboard Ads in the Wolrd

  1. Nike: “Just Do It” – This classic ad encourages people to take action and engage in physical activities.

  1. Sony: “Make Believe” – This powerful ad celebrates imagination and creative thinking.

  1. McDonald’s: “I’m Lovin’ It” – This popular ad captures the simple pleasure of enjoying a meal from McDonald’s.

  1. Apple: “Think Different” – This iconic ad encourages people to think for themselves and to challenge the status quo.

  1. Coca-Cola: “Open Happiness” – This upbeat ad promotes the simple but universal joy of drinking a Coke.

  1. Burger King: “Have It Your Way” – This ad emphasizes Burger King’s commitment to customizing meals for customers.

  1. Volkswagen: “Das Auto” – This classic ad emphasizes the brand’s German engineering and quality craftsmanship.

  1. Pepsi: “Live For Now” – This vibrant ad encourages people to make the most of life and seize every moment they have.

  1. KFC: “Finger Lickin' Good” – This catchy ad reminds viewers of KFC's delicious fried chicken.

  1. FedEx: “When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight” – This memorable slogan conveys the importance of timely delivery for all kinds of businesses or customers around the world.

  1. Nike: “Just Do It Again! Get Out There and Move!” - This inspiring campaign urges viewers to stay active and keep moving in order to be their best selves and reach their goals, no matter how hard it may seem at times .

  1. Samsung: "Do What You Can't" - This innovative campaign shows how Samsung products empower individuals to do more than they ever thought possible with their technology solutions .

  1. Google Maps: "Explore The World" - This eye-catching billboard showcases the possibilities that are available when you use Google Maps to find your way around the world .

  1. Pringles: "Stack 'em High!" - A fun take on Pringles' famous potato chips, this billboard inspires viewers to stack their chips as high as they can go .

  1. Amazon Prime: "Get It In 2 Days Or Less!" - An attention-grabbing billboard that promotes the speedy delivery that is available with Amazon Prime, it's perfect for anyone looking for convenience and quick service when ordering online .

  1. Dunkin Donuts: "America Runs On Dunkin'" - A slogan that captures what many Americans already know—that Dunkin Donuts is fuel for any busy schedule or day .

  1. Intel: "Sponsors Of Tomorrow" - Showcasing Intel's role in fueling innovation, this billboard highlights how Intel is helping shape a better future with its revolutionary technology solutions .

18 Starbucks Coffee: "It's Time To Unleash Your Inner Barista" - Encouraging people to express their passion for coffee by creating drinks just like a barista would, this creative billboard brings out the inner barista in everyone .

19 Hershey's Chocolate Syrup: "Let The Good Times Flow" - Funky font and vibrant colors make this billboard stand out from the rest while encouraging viewers to add some sweetness into their lives with Hershey's syrup .

20 Fiat : "Life Is Better When You Drive" -An inventive way to show off Fiat's chic cars, this clever billboard emphasizes how life can be much more enjoyable when you're behind the wheel of one of their vehicles .  

21 Nike : "Just Keep Moving" —This highly motivating slogan is sure to get anyone's blood pumping and remind them that anything is possible with enough perseverance and dedication .

22 Adidas : "Impossible Is Nothing" —This inspiring campaign motivates viewers to push themselves further than ever before in order to reach unimaginable heights .  

23 Burger King : "Have It Your Way Or The Highway" —A bold statement that conveys Burger King's commitment to customizing meals for customers, no matter what it takes .  

24 Red Bull : "Gives You Wings" —This iconic tagline conveys the idea that Red Bull gives you an extra boost when it comes time to tackle tough tasks or take on new challenges .  

25 Oreo Cookies : "Twist, Lick, Dunk!" —This playful slogan gives viewers step-by-step instructions on how best to enjoy Oreos .  

26 Taco Bell : "Live Mas!" —A creative spin on traditional advertising, this slogan urges people to embrace life fully and enjoy every moment that comes their way .  

27 Netflix : "Binge Responsibly" —A humorous yet serious reminder for those who love binging on their favorite Netflix shows that moderation is key!  

28 Chevrolet : "The Heartbeat Of America" —This heartwarming campaign emphasizes just how integral Chevrolet vehicles are when it comes to living life in America .  

29 Walmart : "Save Money Live Better" —A great reminder of all that Walmart has to offer when it comes time to shop smarter and save money while doing so!  

30 Dove Soap : "Real Beauty Is Everywhere" —An uplifting message which resonates with many who appreciate Dove's commitment to celebrating natural beauty in all its forms


Return on Investment (ROI) of Billboard Advertising

The Return on Investment for billboard advertising is one of the highest in the world. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising, with a low cost per impression and high visibility. Billboard ads can have an immediate impact, like when a business launches a new product or holds a special promotion. Even long-term campaigns can benefit from billboard placement, as people will be more likely to recall your brand over time with regular exposure.

Billboard ads also allow businesses to target particular demographics depending on location and design. For example, placing billboards near colleges or universities could be beneficial if a business wishes to target young adults. In addition, businesses can easily track performance by analyzing data such as click-through rates and impressions. This helps them to determine which locations provide the best ROI.

Finally, it’s important to remember that billboard advertising can provide more than just immediate sales or leads. By using creative designs and engaging messages, businesses can increase brand awareness, which is essential for long-term success. It’s also wise to consider using other forms of outdoor advertising alongside billboards for maximum return on investment. For example, bus wraps or placements on bus stops can be used in conjunction with billboard ads for increased visibility and presence in the community.


How to Reserve a Billboard Ad Space 

Billboard Advertising is an innovative way to promote your business and reach wider audiences. Whether you want to stand out in the thriving city of New York or make a statement on a smaller regional level, this form of advertisement could be perfect for your goals. With AdMarket, booking and managing Billboard Advertising campaigns has never been more accessible. Get your business noticed today by signing up with AdMarket and creating a difference. 

Billboard Advertising in the Future 

Billboard advertising in the future will likely move towards digital and interactive displays. Digital billboards offer more flexibility than traditional billboard designs because they can be changed quickly and often while still delivering a powerful message. They can also display different ads throughout the day, which appeals to advertisers who want their campaigns seen by as many people as possible at different times of the day or night.

Interactive elements such as QR codes, NFC chips, Bluetooth modules, cameras and facial recognition technology could allow for personalised content on billboards that are explicitly tailored for passersby based on gender, age or other demographic information collected from nearby users’ devices (e.g., smartphones). In addition to this improved targeting capability, there is potential for virtual reality experiences delivered via billboard displays with exciting possibilities, including being transported into an immersive ad experience that creates lasting memories rather than just passing impressions – something physical out-of-home media has not been capable of doing until now!

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